How To: Style Old Box Braids | Quick & Easy

Welcome back to another post on Yours Truly Esha and if you are new hello, follow for more updates. Now, who doesn’t love a box braid hairdo, whether it’s black or colorful?. I love braids, and it’s my first choice for a protective style. Continue reading if you want to know how I achieved these looks.


  • Edge Control
  • Brush
  • Rubber-bands
  • Hair-ties
  • Hair Accessories


Flat Twist Updo

Part your hair in a half-up/ half down. Elastic bands and a hair-tie are all you need. Twine your braid into section and elastic the end. Afterward, catch your hair in a ponytail. If you’re going for a more formal look, then this is the style for you.

Side Ponytail

I did a high ponytail to the left then wrap two single braids around my hair-tie.

Side Flat Twist With Hair Down

This style was after photo one. Instead of removing all the flat-twist, I left two, because I thought it was cute. I let the rest of braids down.

High Ponytail Updo

One of my favorites is common. Catch the hair in a high ponytail and wrap two braids around the hair-tie.

Bun Updo

I turned my ponytail into a bun. Then secured it with a hair-tie.

Half-Up/ Down Sweep

Did I even invent this? It’s really cute. Up /down- hairdo with a little sweep. I also took out a single braid on each side.

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